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Garden Museum re-opens after 18 months of closing

Posted by Victor on May 21, 2017 at 12:00 AM

This week marks the re-opening of one of London’s small but exquisite museums. Dubbed one of the best museums located in London by The Telegraph, the garden is now back with a bang. It will officially be opened on 22 May 2017. The museum closed on 30 October 2015 to begin a development project that spanned the last one and a half years. Previously set within the ancient structure of St. Mary-at-Lambeth, the new museum is set to be contained within an ultra-modern building. Nonetheless, this millennial structure will still hold the sleek, open and beautiful style the museum previously had.

According to the museum’s administration, the new structure will have double the gallery space it had in 2015. At the time, museum staff could only put up 180 objects from their collection. The new building, however, is set to hold over a thousand objects for display. Attending the reopening means you will have the first chance to see objects that have probably never been on display before. If you are a lover of art or love exploring, then the gallery is set to suit you perfectly.

In this new museum, you will also be able to take a trip back in time through the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’. Sporting a recreation of John Tradescant’s Ark, the new museum will enable you to revisit 17th Century London with all its wonder. The ark’s vast collection of plants and shells is a dream come true for any plant or nature lover. If you are particularly keen to detail, the ark’s stuffed penguin and dodo could give you unique insight into these animals.

Are you a lover of History and gardening but have never found a way to combine them? Garden Museum is expected to set up an archive of Garden Design. The archive will be the first of its kind throughout the UK. It will display letters, photographs, designs and artefacts that makers of gardens in the past used throughout history. The archive could be a source to revive your creativity. By viewing some historical garden designs, you will learn more about the styles people used to make their gardens in the past. The archive could also provide insights into landscape designs, photography, and tools that were used since the 17th Century all over London.

In this new museum, the staff has placed greater emphasis on learning. They have put up new pavilions that help our education system and are beneficial to the community. In one of the two rooms set up, members of the community will be able to attend both primary and secondary classes. The other room will provide enough space for community groups to learn and will also sport cooking facilities. In case you do not want to prepare your own meal, then the larger and brighter café will enable you to enjoy a meal with friends or family.

Perhaps one of the most awaited resources this museum is set to make available to the public during its reopening is a new garden. This space will have the atmosphere of a private garden. It will have more animals and plants in its serenity. The quiet here could be a perfect area to relax, think or hold a conversation in a calming setting.

Attending the Garden Museum’s reopening is an excellent choice for any lover of art, history, nature and anyone with a sense of adventure. Be the first to experience this new, peaceful setting.




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