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Celebrate London History Day in style

Posted by Samuel Hopkins on May 30, 2017 at 12:00 AM

London History Day will be commemorated on the 31st of this month throughout the city. The event will feature various celebratory actions. It will be the first of its kind in London history. As such, you can take time off work or your business and tour various locations in the city to take you back in time. The day will serve a chance to commemorate different happenings that have occurred in London. It will also be an opportune moment to celebrate London’s past heroes. Over the day, you can also get a chance to appreciate the beautiful architecture put into the construction of different buildings throughout the city.

The date May 31st was chosen to celebrate the occasion since it was the day when Big Ben was put up back in 1869. Big Ben is London’s largest clock and is often used as a landmark by anyone within the city. The clock has also gained popularity, with its use in postcards, tourist magazines and blogs being synonymous to London. The date the huge timepiece was put up beat other events for the honour of hosting London History Day. Some of the past events it ousted for the top position included the starting of the first great fire in London. Another London History day hopeful was the date for the commemoration of the 2012 Olympics. The date was finally chosen as a result of a popular vote from London residents.

The fact that this event is in the middle of the week means you can finally take on that well-deserved break from work. Recharge your batteries by taking a walk down memory lane and appreciating London’s growth over the years. Rediscover the heritage of the city whose past is famous for men with visions, a free country and royalty through and through.

In line with celebrating amazing events that have occurred in London over the years, there are different activities you could engage in across the city. Attend a local classical music show and listen to the beautiful tunes from orchestral and solo performances. These shows of musical prowess stem from the great composers of the past. Did you know Mozart had his first performance in Pimlico at only eight years old? Celebrate this fete this coming Wednesday.

If you aren’t a fan of music, you could always visit different museums within the city to have a glimpse of what London was like centuries ago. View various artists’ perceptions of London over time by visiting art galleries throughout the city today. Alternatively, learn more about the history of different buildings across London by visiting them. They could include castles, old fire stations, and cathedrals.

On History Day, there is something to do for everyone. In case your child is in school, you can encourage him or her to dress up as their favorite historical character as they go to school on History Day morning. Let your children learn to appreciate fancy dress in a more detailed way. Will you have commitments on this day? Do not worry. There are plans to make London History Day an annual event. That way, you can celebrate the city’s heritage every year.

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