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The Last Word Festival: The Place to Be

Posted by Samuel Hopkins on May 30, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Lovers of spoken word, theatre and overall fun can enjoy themselves to the fullest during The Last Word Festival. This event brings out some of the bravest talents and hottest discussions. Do you love listening to people discuss topical issues in a calm and settled setting? Does the depth of masterfully crafted words stir your emotions and call you to action? Then you will enjoy The Last Word Festival to its final minute. The event has been running from the 25th of May and will go on to the 10th of June. Performances are occurring at The Roundhouse in Camden.

Recognized as an international event that brings some of the best talents in the world on one stage in London, this is an event not to miss. At The Last Word Festival, everyone has a story to tell. Also, everyone at both ends of the spectrum, whether renowned performer or poetry novice, is willing to listen. The event brings together well-established artists, upcoming poets, and works-in-progress.

The event will specifically target the themes of mental health, musical journeys, homes, politics, and heritage. That said, you can explore your origins and the history of London throughout the performances. Additionally, you can listen to other people’s artistic journeys, the work they put in and even gather some advice from established artists as to how they got there. In case you have never explored your talents on the stage, then the festival’s open mic avenues will let you show your poetic skills to the rest of the world.

Over 30 shows have been scheduled for the whole event. That said, there is plenty of variety to indulge in. All you have to do is choose the shows you would like to attend and add them to your schedule. The length of time this event spans is another of its aspects that puts a smile on our faces. It gives each of us enough leeway to plan ahead for shows. In this way, it is very unlikely you will miss a show you wanted to watch or attend. For some of us, events tend to occur when we are extremely busy at work. We end up missing them and regretting our decision for weeks later. With The Last Festival, however, there is plenty of time to attend the event. The festival runs through both weekdays and weekends, meaning there will be a performance whenever you are free from work between the running dates.

Highlights this year include the event’s ninth edition of Poetry Slam, a competition that gathers some of the most talented poets aged 16 to 25 years old. The Poetry Slam will be hosted by BBC3’s comedian Jack Rooke. Judges will include Sabrina Mahfouz, Bridget Minamore, and Caleb Femi. Go back to the days of your youth through a performance entitled ‘With a Little Bit of Luck’. In a heart to heart discussion, women writers explore their Muslim heritage and talk about the phases they went through to know themselves.

Explore your love for poetry in The Last Word Festival.

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