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Wimbledon Fair: Your go-to event in London this summer

Posted by Silverhand on June 15, 2017 at 12:00 AM

One of the most highly-awaited events this month is the Wimbledon Guild’s village fair. It will be held on the seventeenth of this month on Wimbledon Common. In case you are a lover of the outdoors, this event will be a refreshing treat for you. Are you explorative? The Wimbledon Fair will have enough interesting avenues to learn from. Each year, this event attracts over 35,000 people. They all flock the village to watch performances, enjoy London history and sample cuisine. In fact, the event is so popular that some couples choose to have their wedding photos on-site. Whether you are a historian, animal-lover or food fanatic, the Wimbledon Fair is sure to have something you can enjoy. Being one of the largest outdoor events across London, the fair has built a name for itself over the years. As such, its occurrence has become a day anticipated by families, individuals and co-workers alike.

Are you a bird lover? Do you enjoy hunting? Either way, the falconry demonstrations set to be staged at the event are sure to be both fun and educational. Watch impressive hunters at work. Additionally, you can watch the Falcons in their strength, accuracy, and grace as they catch prey. You can also learn how to hunt with falcons yourself. Regardless of your hunting interests, watching the hunters in tune with their Falcons will definitely be fascinating.

A majority of us have watched or read about old jousts that occurred in London. Unfortunately, these battles displaying wit, brawn and brevity have decreased throughout the course of history. However, not all is lost. At the Wimbledon Fair, you can watch medieval jousting competitions. Just like in the past, each competitor will ride a horse and use a jousting pin. Take a trip back into Britain’s history with these performances. You can even use the occasion to learn more about London’s history and educate your children.

For some of us, the name Wimbledon brings forth images of tennis contests across our sports channels. Fortunately, there will be an avenue for juniors to explore and showcase their tennis skills during the Wimbledon Fair. What’s more, they will be supervised by Dan Bloxham. Dan acts as head coach at the All England Lawn Tennis Club. That means they will be safe and can get tips on how to improve their skill from an experienced authority on the sport. Perhaps you could even get an assessment of your child’s talent from the coach on how you can help him or her improve on their game. Still in the line of sports, the fair will have a performance from AFC Wimbledon. The team members will display their football tricks and skills to the audience.

A wide variety of London’s cuisine will be available from two food villages. These villages will also showcase different international dishes for sampling. You can also see the village’s best farm products on display at the event. In case you are an avid antique lover or collector, the Wimbledon Fair could be an incredible resource for you. A shopping village will have set up over 200 stalls. They will offer vintage furniture, hand-made objects and even designer clothing.

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