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Celebrate your Love for Food at London Food Month

Posted by silverhand on June 16, 2017 at 12:00 AM

There is good news for all food lovers out there. The month of June in London will be an extremely enjoyable one for them. This is because London Food Month will be running from the first to the thirtieth of this month. That said, anyone who enjoys a good meal, sampling cuisine or exploring different dishes will have the time of their lives throughout the month. Packed with a combination of daily events across various locations, the London Food Month is set to make you greatly enjoy this month of summer. In total, London Food Month will hold over 400 events across London. As such, we are sure there is an area you can derive a lot of enjoyment from regardless of your food preferences.

As a result of London Food Month’s numerous events, each occasion has been categorized into one of the initiatives eight categories. Are you simply a food lover interested in random dishes and tastes from London and the world? Then the ‘Anything Goes’ group is best suited towards you. This part of London Food Month will showcase diverse food events all across London. They include a feast over dinner dubbed Fortnum’s Midnight Food Feast, a moving food sampling party with the Food Truck Festival and even a chance to interact with friends and loved ones at London’s City Social. Get a chance to interact and taste the excellent dishes of a world-class chef, his son and his granddaughter in Three Generations of Roux. Additionally, you can experience the unique combination of flavours in the dishes by chefs Lima Floral and Cha Chaan Teng. Lima is of Peruvian descent while Cha is Chinese. Their meals combine uniquely and are a site to behold during their showcasing in Westminster. With so many enjoyable activities in the Anything Goes category, this part of the month’s events on its own could be reason enough why you should attend.

Any highly-talented lover of the culinary arts is set to benefit from London Food Month’s masterclasses. Bringing along a broad range of authority in the industry, this event will be a chance for chefs of all levels to learn and improve their craft. In case your interest is in preparing cocktails, then the masterclass in the Café Murano Convent Garden is set to help you learn how you can mix a variety of drinks with precision. Take a trip through culinary history by attending the archivist tour at Fortnum & Mason in Westminster. This lesson could help improve your understanding of the various blends of ingredients and the development of certain cooking techniques. Consequently, you would be able to apply them better in the kitchen. Are you a fan of whiskey? Then the Glenfiddich Distillery Pop-up masterclass will be perfect for you. Interact with both members of the audience as well as top chefs in their uses of whiskey in the kitchen, its history, and tasting practices. In case you possess a preference for sweeter things, then attending the event Classic High Tea with A Chocolate Twist will greatly benefit you. There, you can learn more details about chocolate types, preparation methods and even how to make better blends.

There are also categories for children, wine tasters and all lovers of food across the board. Spend this June immersed in different food cultures. Attend London Food Month today. 

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