London apartment reservation



Why book an apartment rental?
An apartment rental can help you enjoy the same comfort as you do at home. This way you can enjoy your temporary stay in London without actually feeling away from home.
Why choose an apartment rental over a hotel room?
There is no doubt that hotels can offer you luxurious amenities and comfort as well. However, it is much different than having access to your own kitchen and more than one bedroom. Moreover, you get to save lots of money by not investing in expensive hotels.
Will the apartment rental be as convenient as the hotel room?
It will be actually more convenient. You may be thinking about all the luxuries that come with a hotel room but imagine the comfort you can enjoy in a homely apartment. Instead of dealing with the sterile environment of the hotel room, make yourself at home with top-quality apartments and exclusive features like professionals kitchens.
. is a booking agency for accessing serviced or private apartments in London for the short-term. All apartments are selected carefully; keeping in mind the best standards of quality and varying needs of the clients. Most of the apartments, which are situated in Central and West London, can be availed at a discount. The apartments can be booked at any period of the year. The amount of rental time is between three nights and three months or more. Anybody can avail our reservation service and unlike many popular agencies including TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and Homeaway, we charge no initial fees.
The features included in your apartment depend on what type of apartment you have booked. We have a wide range of apartments including studio apartments and apartments with one or more bedrooms. All apartments are equipped with living and sleeping areas along with a personal bathroom and kitchen.
If you have booked a studio apartment, the kitchen will be much smaller than the normal but equipped with basic essentials. On the other hand, large apartments offer better kitchens with a professional range of features. These may include a cooker, microwave, utensils, cutlery, crockery and fridge/freezer. Some apartment kitchens also feature quality dishwashers.
To meet your comfort needs, most apartments offer basic entertainment amenities including comfortable furniture in the lounge, TV, DVD, and broadband.
Depending on what apartment you book, you can have access to linen and main services as well. Some apartments will come with daily services and others at weekly.
For security purposes, many apartments will feature reception or onsite managers.

Not only can you benefit from more space and great savings, serviced apartments give you the best of both worlds, with hotel service mixed with home comforts, privacy and personal touches. 
For personal booking, you can use your credit card. No card will be charged until the apartment has been confirmed. For business bookings, we can negotiate a payment method that suits your specific needs. You can choose payment methods like a pro-forma invoice or monthly payments if staying for a longer period of time.
It is possible that some apartments request your payment method on arrival. This is required to cover any incidental costs during your stay.

The trend of booking vacation apartment rentals is rapidly becoming popular. This means that availability can often be limited. To save yourself any hassle, it is suggested to book your apartment one month in advance. However, we can try our best to get you last minute booking. 
We have a large volume of apartments in our portfolio. Over the years, we have developed loyal relationships with the owners. This allows us to easily negotiate a discount when needed.
You search the apartment and find an option that meets your needs. You will find a ‘Book This Apartment’ button. Click it to reach the secure booking form.
Fill in all the required details. Don’t miss out any fields that have been marked compulsory. You can click the ‘Submit’ button to send the form securely to
Once your details have been verified, you will be taken to an SSL secured payment page. The automated page ensures that your details are submitted securely.
It is important to enter your correct email address in the booking form. Incorrect emails will not be responded to.

We offer guaranteed bookings for few apartments and for some subject to availability. The term guaranteed booking means the apartment and rate are available on the requested date. We will process your booking immediately and confirm your booking.
On the other hand, subject to availability means that apartment you choose and rate may be available on requested date. But first, we will have to check whether the apartment is available or not. When your booking is subject to availability, you will have to give your payment information. So we can complete the booking if the apartment is available. In case the apartment is not available, we will contact you with other alternatives. You won’t be charged for the card of any apartment unless you have confirmed where you want to stay.

You can’t book without a credit card. The credit card details are required as a guarantee. It also serves as a precaution for the company. If you cancel after the cancellation period or don’t arrive at your apartment, then we can charge the appropriate amount to your credit card.
We require your credit card number, CVV security code, expiry date, full name, and billing address.
Our booking form and transaction page are established over secure servers. This allows your information to be encrypted as it passes between the browser and server. We use SSL for encryption, which is widely accepted as a secure encryption system across the world.
Your card will only be charged once your booking is confirmed. On the other hand, you may be charged for any incidental costs that occur during your stay at the apartment. Some apartments will require your payment method information for this purpose. This does not apply to all the apartments so reading the terms and conditions of the selected apartment is suggested.

You can cancel your booking if you are facing any change in plans. However, this may be completed within the range of cancellation period mentioned. You can cancel the reservation by contacting us through email. You will be required to mention the booking reference number, which can be found in the booking confirmation email sent to you. We will then make the cancellation and send you any fee information if charges apply.
Each apartment has its own cancellation policy. You need to read the terms and conditions of your booked apartment to learn about it. There will be mentioned cancellation period with each apartment. If you make the cancellation within this period, no charges will apply and you will be sent the amount of refund. If you fail to do so, your credit card will be charged according to the cancellation fee for the particular apartment.
You can amend your booking after it has been confirmed. You may want to shorten or lengthen the amount of stay or change the type of apartment. However, it is possible that availability becomes an issue. If you change the number of nights of stay, you may have to incur a cancellation fee.
This is not generally possible. However, if your stay is for 8 weeks or more, the visit could be arranged. Although you can check out the area surrounding the apartment on the map. You can also browse through the testimonials to get an idea of what to expect.
The number of the people that can stay is mentioned for each apartment. This number should not be exceeded unless another amount has been negotiated.
In most situations, you can go straight to your apartment as you arrive in London. However, it is possible that the previous party is still leaving. We may not have this information for sure so going straight may not always be a possibility. To prevent any hassle, it is suggested to start your booking from the day before the arrival.
The climate in London is rarely extreme and heat-waves are very rare – maybe for a week or so every three or four years. Consequently very few private houses and flats have air-conditioning – it’s very much the exception rather than the rule. So, unless otherwise stated none of our London properties have air-conditioning. However they do all, without exception, have good heating for the winter months.
Unless otherwise stated, all our properties have high-speed broadband internet access with details on the individual property page. Usage is for web browsing and email – costs incurred as a result of excess usage (music/video downloads/streaming) may be charged. While every effort will made to provide this facility it can not be guaranteed. We also suggest you bring an ethernet cable, and a USB / ethernet adapter if your device has no ethernet slot, in case you have difficulties with a wifi connection. There are internet cafés all over London and in many, like Starbucks, you can use your own notebook/laptop with a wifi connection. Some, check on-line, provide printing services.
The check-out time at 10 AM on average. If there has been an agreement for a later check-out time, you may leave on that time. For later departures in the PM, it is suggested to book the apartment for the following night as well.